Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quick Update!

I don't have much time to post today, so instead, I will just give a very brief update on the two little loves of my life!

Sophia- as you have read in the previous most recent post- has recieved a very great report back from the test she had mid-August! The test showed that she does not have any damage done to her right (underdeveloped) kidney and that it is functioning perfectly normal.

She is a little ball of mobility lately! She is crawling backwards all the time now, and when up on her hands and legs will rock back and forth. I heard Daddy predict to Sophie while eavesdropping on playtime yesterday "I give you two more weeks Sophie, and you will be crawling around here like a pro!" (smile)

She sits up on her own unassisted, and has uttered "Da-Da" several times over the last two or three days!

She has tried all of her veggies, and all of her fruits and seems to enjoy them all!!! No dislikes for this little one!- and she had a jar of 'chicken casserole' last night for the first time as well which she wasn't too sure of at first, but does seem to enjoy as well :)

Her eye appointment went ok. If the tear duct doesn't open by Jan. 10, she has an appointment that day to see the specialist about having surgery to correct it. Its been pretty goopy lately, but we have been massaging it more often also, so that could be part of it.

She keeps getting cuter by the day! I'll include a picture below :)

August 29, 2010 (Birch Run, Michigan)

Benjamin- has also been doing so so well! He is also a ball of fire, and during waking hours has one or both of us running like the wind after him all the time! :) But, we don't mind!! He is just SO much fun!

He recently had his appointment to see a Speech-Pathologist here in Windsor regarding some concerns we had with his lack of communicating through words. The speech pathologist we saw named Kelly, was pleased, and further- quite impressed with his level of intellegence and comprehension. She tested him several ways to check his understanding of certian objects, actions and activities. He excelled knowing exactly what she was instructing him to do in all areas. Next she came along side him during play time and asked him to repeat several very simple words. He smiled very nicely at her, but kept very quiet and continued to play.
In the end, she sent me home with a home-based improvement plan with some ideas on how to bring him back to the level where he will mimick our words. For example, when we walk to the door instead of just walking out the door as he expects, we will wait for his attention and simply say "Out".
She has no problems with how smart he is, in fact she says that he has been getting along so well with communicating his needs through gestures and grunting for so long that taking the time to talk would just slow him down. So, we will work through that with him and look forward to seeing (and hearing) some improvements soon :)
He is already saying some new words since the appointment, so for that we are happy!!

Well, it is nap time for both of the kiddies, and I would like to take advantage of this quiet time and enjoy a nice bath! This post ended up being much longer than expected... but I guess there was more to update you with than I initially thought!

Enjoy your day!
I will leave you with a picture of my oldest, and most handsome :)

August 29, 2010 (Birch Run, Michigan)


Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of them both and wish I was closer to see them and hear the words, yhat would be awesome! Can't wait till Christmas! Love to you all, Nana xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, are they BOTH ever chaning their looks! Beautiful kiddies you have, Mandy! So glad to hear everyone is doing so well. :) Sending bear hugs! Em and gang