Wednesday, October 06, 2010

8th post of graciousness!

This past weekend, Nathan and I both had the priveledge to take part in the wedding of a really great couple we know :) Nathan officiated the ceremony for Dan & Julie Hough, and I stood as a bridesmaid for Jul.

This wedding was something beautiful!

I wish I could have recorded the genunine looks of love and pure looks of affection that this beautiful bride and handsome groom shared on their wedding day! It was something out of a fairytale! Not one person doubted that their love was REAL that day! What God had brought together surely no one will dare to seperate!!

As I mentioned above, I stood in this wedding as a bridesmaid for Jul. Julie and I have been friends since we moved to Essex 3.5 years ago! Since meeting her she has been a constant source of encouragement to our family and has been a strong rock for us to depend on during some pretty tough times! We`ve become really great friends!

She was more than willing to put on some old clothes and scrub the dust off of our `new to us`home! She was willing to be a play-buddy for Benjamin while we were feeling the stretch of being needed in two places at once during Sophie`s recovery! She has been a great Master Chef- teaching me many secrets of the kitchen! And she has always been that friend that just `knows`when its more appropriate to listen, then it is to offer advice!

Julie, I couldn`t think of a better husband for you than Dan! You deserve to be pampered and loved every single ounce that he is willing to offer you! Embrace that- every day! You are a beautiful, real, kind and very giving lady and I love you very much!

Thank you for being one of my favorite peeps :) I am so grateful for you!

The beautiful bride and groom on their wedding day!

Julie and her ladies! Jenn, Rachel, Mandy & Ashley!

Another shot of us ladies at the wedding!

A shot of the bride and I :)

The handsome officator, and the bridesmaid!

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Em said...

I picked a good day to check your blog! You look lovely Mandy, and very happy. And wowee, beautiful bride, beautiful couple. Glad their day was so special! :)

Give the kiddos a hug for us!
Em, Phinn & Seamus xox